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Gain self-confidence along with Bouncy Hair! 

Everyone wants to have glorious hair; however, only selective people are fortunate enough to have beautiful and bouncy hair. Having beautiful hair remains a dream for many as they start to lose hair at a very early age. The reason for losing hair could be any, from heredity to hormonal changes, medical conditions to poor lifestyle, and so on. If you are suffering from hair loss or baldness, then you’re on the right page.

Here, we will discuss everything about DHI, the hair transplant treatment that has helped millions of people to gain both hair and self-confidence.

DHITM, or Direct Hair Implantation, is one of the most advanced and best hair transplant techniques invented by DHI Medical Group.

About DHI Hair Transplant Clinics

DHI is one of the leading hair transplant chains of clinics in the world. DHI has been serving people across the globe with the most effective hair restoration and transplant procedures since 1970. In 2005, they developed and introduced Direct Hair Implantation (DHITM) to enhance hair transplant and restoration techniques across the globe.

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) is the most advanced technique in which each hair follicle is implanted into the target area at a specific angle, direction, and depth using DHI implanter or patented tools to achieve 100% natural results with maximum density. And the implanted hair continues to grow for a lifetime without falling out!

India: The best place for hair transplantation Procedure

“A hair transplant is a life-changing experience; you just have to do it right.”

The first thing that individuals focus on improving when they make changes to improve their appearance or their health is always their hair. But a lot of the time, people don’t know where to go since it includes a certain amount of risk, and some of those risks might even be life-threatening!

Let’s see which are the best places for hair transplantation and why

India has become a go-to “Medical Tourism Destination for Hair Transplant Treatment.” The Ministry of Tourism, India, has estimated that in 2020, over 85,000 foreign tourists arrived in India to seek medical care, and every year around 3,50,000 hair transplant surgeries take place in India.

Apart from India, the other popular destination for hair transplants is Turkey.

Why do people from all over the globe choose India for hair treatments?


  •    Cost-effective treatments– Hair transplant clinics in India offer cost-effective treatments. You can save up to 70% or more in India because the global DHITM hair transplant technique is also available in 16 cities in India
  •    Highly skilled surgeons– India is home to highly skilled hair transplant surgeons. Surgeons in India maintain global standards to meet procedure precision and DHI India surgeons are all trained by the London Hair Restoration Academy.
  •    Advanced technology– Reputable clinics in India use cutting-edge technology to provide clients with the best hair transplant outcome. You can be sure of the most natural-looking hair transplant.
  •    Weather– Weather conditions in India are favorable for all kinds of treatments, including hair transplants. This is because India has optimal warm and moist weather to support the best hair growth.

When you undergo hair transplant surgery in India, you are in the best hands, if you choose DHI Hair Transplant Clinics in India. All you have to make sure your research is at your convenience and look for the best hair transplant clinic in India.

Why DHI International Medical Group?

“Processes, Protocols, and Procedures make us who we are!”

DHI International Medical Group is the leading hair transplantation and hair restoration chain of clinics globally. DHI has a global standardized process, protocols, and procedures for every clinic.

The DHI medical group developed a total care system to ensure that our patients receive comprehensive medical attention. Every DHI clinic, surgeon, and employee in the world goes through comprehensive training on the Total Care System and is required to adhere to the procedures that are outlined in the protocols that govern this system.

UK’s Care Quality Commission and ISO have evaluated and certified DHI’s Total Care System SOPs. The total care system has four major aspects: medical, psychological, mathematical, and artistic aspects.

Master Surgeons undergo training and certification for the Total Care System at DHI to ensure that every DHI clinic meets the global standard for every DHI hair transplant procedure. DHI Medical Group monitors the protocols and procedures performed in every DHI clinic around the globe to ensure that every DHI patient gets the best hair restoration and hair transplant treatment.

DHI continues to lead the world in hair restoration with innovation, transparency, and education. Also, DHI has its dedicated research and development centers, worldwide partners, a global board of advisors, accomplished dermatologists, and scientists to keep up with the most promising technologies and techniques.

Reclaim Your Hair, Reignite Your Confidence! Begin your transformation today. Start Your Hair Revival Journey! Need help? Contact Us

Most advanced technologies and techniques in Hair Transplantation

“Innovation, Technology, and Technique are the keys to DHI Medical Group success.” 

The Hair Transplant procedures offered by DHI are among the most cutting-edge available anywhere in the globe. With DHI’s direct technique and single-use specialized instruments, surgeons have full control over the treatment – from deciding the right angle, depth, and direction, to ensuring natural results. They perform all DHI procedures end-to-end with single-use, completely sterile instruments. All the surgeons at DHI are highly qualified, well-trained, regularly assessed, and certified at the London Hair Restoration Academy. They have all achieved an extremely high level of specialization in both the scientific and artistic aspects of hair transplantation.

Surgeons at DHI implant hair at a specific depth to ensure appropriate growth without causing any harm to the tissues of the skin and without causing any shock loss to adjacent follicles. Density is one of the most common issues that arise with hair transplants. We start with thin hair at the front and move to several grafts as we proceed into the areas of the head that have a high hair density.

The UK, CQC, and ISO accredit DHI safety protocols.

In India, we follow the same standards, procedures, technology, and techniques to go beyond our client’s expectations at every clinic.

Greater graft survivability delivers better results.

At DHI, the hair grafts are maintained at an optimal temperature and mode to get a graft survival rate of up to 97%, compared to the industry standard of just 50%. The graft survival rate depends greatly on how the graft is extracted and taken care of before implanting.

Here are some factors we focus on while managing hair grafts to deliver nothing less than excellence:

  • Temperature:Hair grafts are stored at the perfect temperatures to ensure graft survivability.
  • Exposure:The out-of-body time of harvested grafts is minimal, and they are implanted within the stipulated time to get the desired results.
  • Storage:A graft preservation solution maintains its state throughout the waiting period.
  • Handling:DHI patent tools are used throughout the process to ensure minimal graft banding.

Hair graft survival also depends on factors like donor scalp issues, surgery day condition, physical graft damage, injury, blunt trauma, surgical technique, storage, and management conditions.

The DHI hair transplant technique ensures minimal out-of-body time, during which grafts are stored at a perfect temperature in a graft preservation solution. DHI employs certified and trained surgeons to perform the entire operation so that excellent results can be provided to the patients.

DHI hair Transplant Technique and India offer the Best Combination Together

“The better you heal, the more you glow.”

DHI India is known to deliver the best results in hair restoration and hair transplant treatments.

People across the globe are making India their go-to destination for any hair transplant treatment for all the best reasons. People from the UAE country visit the Kerala (DHI Kochi and Calicut) hair transplant clinics, US and UK hair transplant patients prefer Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, while people from Singapore visit Chennai, and Canadian NRIs choose Chandigarh to get amazing hair. All the DHI’s clinics follow the same hygiene and safety protocols as mentioned in the below clinics.

DHI Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi:

DHI Hair Transplant Clinic in Noida:

Apart from the quality, affordability, and best-in-class hair restoration treatments, India is also well-known for recovering, recharging, and rejuvenating. With its rich cultural heritage, enthralling beauty, picturesque landscapes, attractions, and delightful diversity, DHI India clinics offer the best of everything one needs to have superior confidence and bouncy hair.

Want to plan your hair transplant treatment with DHI India Clinics? 

Time to book your new look! 

The hair transplant treatment at DHI begins with an in-depth diagnosis and hair loss consultation. At first, DHI’s hair specialist does a computerized Alopecia Test to find the best hair treatment plan/solution suited for you.

Before You Come to the Clinic

Talk to our master surgeon on a video call if you are located out of India. A preliminary evaluation is carried out based on photographs of the scalp acquired from different angles. The master surgeon will determine how many follicles are necessary for the transplantation/recipient site, as well as determine whether or not the donor area or back side of the scalp can provide enough follicles.

Then, choose any of the best hair transplant clinics, and book an appointment.

The respective clinic team will share pre-operative instructions beforehand. Also, a simple blood test will be required.

(Note: Don’t forget to carry your ID, visa, and all relevant medical records while visiting any of the DHI hair transplant clinics.)

After You Come to the Clinic

Visit the clinic a day before the procedure for a final Alopecia Diagnosis and discussion on the hair transplant treatment plan.

The DHI Total Care Consultant will discuss the complete treatment plan, detailed pre-operative instructions, and blood test results.

Once all this is done, you are ready to get the hair transplant procedure and the best of your looks.

Your Hair Transformation begins from here. Book a hair loss treatment consultation now! 

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