Hair Loss Diagnosis

In developing DSA we have created the most complete diagnostic framework. Hair loss occurs in a variety of different patterns and is due to many different causes, such as nutrition, psychology, genetics and the environment DSA examines all these factors so that we can prescribe an all-encompassing treatment plan for each patient.



DHI is a painless procedure. No scars, No stitches and 100% natural results. Performed using patented tools. The procedure from start to finish is performed only by MD Dermatologist doctors. All doctors have been trained and certified by the London Hair Restoration Academy – the one & only training academy in hair restoration. It ensures 100% safety, natural result, maximum viability and lifetime growth.

Cosmetic Hair Patches

Our Cosmetic Hair Patches are made of 100% natural human hair and that is why they look absolutely natural. The patient can comb them, bathe them, dye them and even use any kind of styling products on them.

The new DHI Cosmetic Hair Patches fits perfectly, ensuring absolute stability under any circumstances and types of activity, such as swimming and gym. The non medical hair restoration is perfect for any man or woman of any age suffering from hair loss.



Hair loss is a systemic disease and its treatment requires systemic solutions. As such it should be combatted in a range of ways – holistically.

We have worked with world-renowned scientists to develop the most comprehensive range of treatment options

Why Choose DHI?

DHI is considered the gold standard in hair restoration with the strongest research advisory board, world-class facilities and US & EU patents. DHI is recognised by ISO, CQC, TUV – Austria, ACHS – Australia and World Health Academy.

Totally Safe

Strict protocols are applied to all processes and at all levels to guarantee 100% safety.

Natural Result

Full control of the depth, the direction and the angle of placement ensures 100% natural result


For extraction and implantation, tiny disposable instruments are used with diameter of 1mm or less

Maximum Viability Guaranteed

We Guarantee over 90% Graft survival ratio for dense hair and natural results, while the industry’s average is about 50%

Only by Doctors

The procedure from start to finish is performed by medical doctors, trained and certified by London Hair Restoration Training Academy

Growth for Lifetime

Only healthy hair follicles, excluding hair in telogen phase, are chosen and implanted

Restoring Hair Since 1970

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