Fill in the form below, to email you the Introductory Franchise Presentation & to schedule a call back


Fill in the form below, to email you the Introductory Franchise Presentation & to schedule a call back

Who Are We

  • DHI Medical Group: Largest Hair Transplant Group with 75 clinics, in 45 countries, in 5 continents
  • 50 years of experience in hair restoration technology, in the fields of hair loss, diagnosis, treatment and hair growth. We offer optimum solutions to even the most demanding hair loss cases
  • Direct Hair Implantation: Best and least invasive technique of hair transplant with guaranteed natural results. No touch technique. No stitches. No staples. No scalpel. No scar. No pain.
  • 250,000 DHI clients worldwide, including top global celebrities
  • Largest medical team in the world
  • Top international R&D medical board
  • World class theoretical and hands-on Training Academy for hair transplant surgeons, guided by our highly experienced Master Surgeons
  • Compliant with strict protocols, accredited with ISO, UK CQC registration and DHI internal certification system
  • 50+ medical abstracts, publications, certifications, accreditations and awards
  • Highly profitable and proven franchise model with DHI’s support system


  • A smart investment and a definite business opportunity
  • Long term, exclusive territory rights. DHI offers standard franchise terms worldwide
  • Comprehensive theoretical & hands-on training of doctors on Direct Hair Implantation, by our highly experienced Master Surgeons
  • Complete DHI training and support on diagnosis and treatment of hair loss, clinical operations, consultation, patient handling, sales and marketing
  • Access to comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures and DHI Marketing Library
  • Access to customized DHI Customer Relationship Management System#
  • Assistance with website and landing page
  • Investment of $150,000#, Profit of $200,000#+ per year and a payback of less than 1 year. Lower investment if partner runs an existing clinic
  • #Conditions apply



Our Patients

Global Presence

London | Paris | Melbourne | Brisbane | Greece | India | Hong Kong | Panama | Portugal | Dubai | Kuala Lumpur | Jordan | Jakarta | Germany | Egypt | Bahrain | Sri Lanka | Ireland | Philippines

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