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Thorough, in-depth diagnosis is the sound basis for
successful and definitive treatment of hair loss.

The Most Advanced Diagnostic System for Hair Loss Treatment

The Diagnostic System for Alopecia – DSA. In developing DSA we have created the most complete diagnostic framework. Hair loss occurs in a variety of different patterns and is due to many different causes, such as nutrition, psychology, genetics and the environment. DSA examines all these factors so that we can prescribe an all-encompassing treatment plan for each patient.


Steps of UDSA


Step 1: Dermatological and Medical Examination

A thorough dermatological check is performed on the scalp. The patient’s medical history is assessed to identify the possible presence of dermatopathy or other illness that could make treatment like transplantation difficult. In addition, each patient’s type of alopecia is determined.


Step 2: Alopecia Test

Here we perform trichometry in the area where thinning is apparent, using the latest analytical methodologies. In this way we get a clear picture of the magnitude of the problem and assess the amount of hair available for lifetime exportation.
Hair density is measured, hair type (normal, dry or oily hair), and also the patient’s hair loss grade, based on the Norwood scale.


Step 3: Hair Protein Test

Our age, our environment and elements of our lifestyle, such as diet, directly affect our health generally and thereby our hair as well. This test evaluates the effect of factors like these and guides our prescription of preventative treatment
We developed this test in association with the Institute of Biology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Biotechnology of the National Research Foundation in co-operation with DHI Global Medical Group.


Step 4: Stress Analysis

Stress can cause hair loss, and in turn hair loss can cause stress – a vicious circle
Each patient undergoes a psychological test so that the treatment of anxiety and depression might also be addressed with suitable therapy
This test was developed in co-operation with a team of psychologists from the University of Athens.

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