Prolong and Stimulate
Hair Growth with DHI PRP

DHI PRP treatment fortifies the hair follicles and stimulates the scalp to endorse hair growth. It assists the longevity and potency of the hair follicles It also reinvigorates dormant hair follicles and stimulates the growth of new hair.

DHI PRP is ideal for male and female patients, despite the progress of their hair Growth.

Prolong and Stimulate Hair Growth

Highly regenerative plasma is extracted from a small sample of your blood and injected to strengthen follicles and stimulate your scalp. It takes less than an hour is proven to assist the longevity and potency of your follicles


How does the PRP treatment work

  • 1. Blood sampling

    A small amount of blood (less than 50 ml) is obtained from the patient

  • 2. Centrifugation

    The blood is centrifuged at certain turns and for certain duration

  • 3. Separation

    After the centrifugation the platelet-rich plasma is isolated

  • 4. Injection

    PRP is injected into areas suffering from hair loss, stimulating the growth of new hair and helping to thicken and strengthen hair


In which cases is PRP treatment recommended?

How does the PRP treatment works

Ideal for men and women of all ages, PRP therapy is applied to maintain the existing hair growth achieved through hair strengthening. At the same time, the treatment helps develop new and perfectly healthy hairs from follicles that have stopped producing hair (re-stimulation of inactive hair follicles) or produce hair of a small diameter (fluff).

PRP therapy can be perfectly combined with DHI Silk Touch hair treatment, applying to both the donor and the recipient area. This results in faster hair growth, strengthening of existing hair as well as faster and better healing of the donor area.

In addition, PRP treatment is ideal and is applied prophylactically to the first stages of hair dilatation due to androgenetic alopecia (when hair thinning is observed) and provides excellent results in cases of wheezy and diffuse alopecia.

In DHI, PRP treatment is completely safe since it is performed by experienced physicians and without any side effects since only the blood of the patient itself is used.

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