Indian Celebrities Hair Transplant: Top Bollywood Actors with a Hair Transplant

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Indian Celebrities Hair Transplant: Top Bollywood Actors with a Hair Transplant

No matter what age you are in, to look good is everyone’s dream. Our hair plays a crucial role when it comes to looking good, confident, and presentable. However, the irony is some people start to lose hair for several reasons, from unhealthy lifestyles, and poor diet to immense work pressure. Fortunately, there are hair transplant treatments available at their aid. The Indian film industry also has some such actors who have had hair transplants.

If you’re wondering which Indian celebrities have undergone hair transplant surgery, then you’re reading the right post.

In this post, we will share the list of Bollywood actors who have undergone hair transplant treatments from the DHITM and any other hair transplant techniqueto enhance their looks.

Let’s get started…

Impact of Hair Loss on Actors’ Lives

Hair loss doesn’t only impact common people’s lives adversely, but it also affects celebrities’ lives negatively, especially Bollywood stars. Hair loss can be especially upsetting for celebrities. It is because their outward appearances are an essential part of their careers. In recent years, several Bollywood and sports celebrities have opted for hair transplant surgeries to restore their hair.

Many actors have dealt with hair-related concerns, including baldness, a receding hairline, and a variety of other kinds of hair disorders. As a result, they had to opt for hair transplant surgeries to regain their looks.

The Indian film industry, popularly known as show biz, is primarily about appearances. Actors’ looks can impact their careers immensely. The ones who look young and handsome stay for longer than those who start to look old. That’s the reason many celebrities have even undergone plastic surgeries.

Having fuller hair makes one look young and charming. Celebrities who start to experience untimely hair losses are either forced to leave the industry or have to compromise their roles in movies. There are many such negative effects of hair loss seen in Bollywood actors.

Aside from that, they remain in the limelight all the time. In such a condition, it becomes crucial to have a youthful and smart appearance. Even their fan following gets affected adversely.

Several such reasons make hair transplantation treatment a necessity for Bollywood actors. The best aspect of a hair transplant is that the hair appears natural and unaltered, allowing celebrities to maintain their stunning looks for as long as possible.

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Factors that Contribute to Hair Loss among Actors

Several reasons cause hair loss in addition to age. Undoubtedly, actors’ lives are pretty much different from common people’s lives. When we talk about the reasons for hair loss. Stress, unstable lifestyle, and work pressure are two major reasons that contribute to hair loss in actors.

Of course, they don’t have any set work time. Sometimes they start working early in the morning, sometimes, they work late at night, and the worst-case scenario is to shoot in the scorching heat and dust. In addition, their work involves a lot of traveling (both domestic and international). Among all these, they fail to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Of course, they adhere to healthy eating and exercising; however, sound sleep also plays a crucial role when it comes to having healthy hair. As a result, their bodies begin to respond in an abnormal manner, which results in the loss of hair.

Aside from that, they use an excessive amount of hair products, the majority of which include potentially hazardous chemicals that cause severe damage to the hair follicles. Shooting in scorching heat or extreme weather conditions causes severe damage to the hair that is difficult to cure. Then, with age, everyone starts to have grey hair. To conceal grey hair, many actors use hair colors, which are mostly chemical-based.

So, many factors contribute to the hair loss in actors. But thankfully, hair transplant treatments are handy and help celebrities to regain both their hair and appearance.

Let’s now take a look at the list of actors who underwent hair transplant surgeries. Here we go…

Top 11 Bollywood Actors with Hair Transplant

  1. Akshaye Khanna

Akshaye Khanna, a popular Bollywood actor known for his brilliant acting skills, started losing hair in his late 20s. He started to experience premature balding. Of course, it’s too early to lose hair, especially when you’re in show biz.

The Dil Chahta Hai actor initially tried using wigs. He donned a hair wig in several films, including Humraaz. Then, he decided to undergo a hair transplant to get rid of the balding.

Believe it or not, premature balding was one of the reasons that affected Akshaye’s career in Bollywood. That’s when he decided to go for hair transplant treatment and start rebuilding his professional life from the ground up.

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  1. Himesh Reshammiya

Himesh Reshammiya, a famous Indian singer, music director, songwriter, film-music producer, and actor, has also undergone a hair transplant. He began his career as a music composer for a variety of films. However, there was a time when the singer appeared on screen wearing caps. It was the time when he was experiencing hair thinning and baldness.

Then, the ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne’ singer started getting film offers. He has even starred in the Bollywood movies. But before starting as an actor in Indian Cinema, he decided to give his hair a full and luxurious appearance. Himesh Reshammiya underwent a hair transplant and won the battle against baldness.

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  1. Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt is one of the most well-known actors in Bollywood. He made his debut in the Indian film industry in the year 1981 with the superhit movie ‘Rocky.’ Since then, Sanjay Dutt has starred in over 125 movies and is still active in the industry.

However, when Sanjay was at the peak of his career, he began to experience hair loss, which negatively impacted his appearance. So, he decided to get a hair transplant, which not only helped him restore his hairline but also made him appear significantly younger and more handsome on film.

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  1. Vivek Oberoi

The Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi is another on the list of Bollywood celebrities who underwent hair transplant surgery. Vivek Oberoi is known for his amazing acting skills and looks. He has acted in several Bollywood films, including Masti, Sathiya, Grand Masti, and so on.

However, this brilliant actor started to experience hair thinning and balding at a very young age, which impacted his career adversely. He was away from the industry for a very long time. Vivek eventually decided to get a hair transplant to fix the problem. Vivek Oberoi’s hair appears incredible while retaining its natural appearance after the procedure.

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  1. Govinda

Govinda, a popular actor, and a great dancer, also underwent hair transplant surgery. It was the time when he began experiencing baldness. He chose the Direct Hair Implantation hair transplant technique, popularly known as DHI, to regain his hair.

Even though Govinda consistently remained tight-lipped regarding his hair transplant procedure, he never publicly supported or refuted rumors regarding his hair transplant surgery in any way. There is no doubt that besides being a brilliant actor, Govinda is handsome too. Like other actors, he also had intense pressure to preserve his youthful appearance to remain active in the industry. The treatment that Govinda opted for is one of the advanced treatment options available for hair transplantation today.

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  1. Akshay Kumar

Like Vivek Oberoi and other Bollywood stars, Akshay Kumar has also undergone hair transplant surgery. The well-renowned name and Khiladi of Bollywood was also experiencing baldness and hair thinning. There was a time when he was facing a heavy hair loss.

Even though Akshay follows a healthy lifestyle, he began losing hair in his 40s. He attempted to keep his hair growing by adhering to a rigorous diet; nevertheless, nothing did work. Ultimately, he chose to go for hair transplant surgery.

He then decided to opt for hair transplant surgery by FUT hair transplant technique. FUT is one of the oldest and most painfulhair transplant techniques. Today, Akshay has stunning hair, and he still looks as charming as he was when he joined the industry.

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  1. Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma, better known by his stage name Kappu is a well-known comedian, actor, and TV host. He has also undergone hair transplant surgery. Kapil is known for prompt jokes and his razor-sharp sense of humor. However, like any other celebrity in the industry, Kapil Sharma also started losing hair. He began to experience hair loss, which negatively impacted his smile.

He had apparent bald patches on his head in his earlier days. Soon after gaining fame for his roles in the critically acclaimed comedy series Comedy Circus on Sony Television, Kapil Sharma decided to have hair transplant surgery. He decided to get a hair transplant treatment to boost his self-confidence and enhance his appearance. The procedure, which made him appear younger and more appealing on television was very successful.

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  1. Salman Khan

Salman Khan, the Bigg Boss host and one of the most well-known actors in the Bollywood industry, has also undergone a hair transplant. Salman Khan is very popular among fans, especially females, for his looks and swoon-worthy physique. However, beginning in the early 2000s, Salman began suffering from hair loss, which was fairly noticeable in the films he performed in.

It has been speculated that Salman underwent a hair transplant to address his thinning hair and receding hairline. Salman has never confirmed or denied publicly having a hair transplant, but some signs suggest he may have had the procedure done. He underwent hair transplant treatment with the FUE hair transplant technique. He underwent multiple sessions of FUE hair transplant surgery. Foreign hair transplant specialists repeatedly visited Salman’s Panvel farm to perform the procedure. He now has a more defined and fuller hairline than he did in the past. Also, his hair, in general, appears to be thicker.

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  1. Aditya Pancholi

Aditya Pancholi, the popular Bollywood actor, has also gotten a hair transplant. Aditya Pancholi is a famous actor from the 90s, revered for both his rugged good looks and the nuanced roles he played on screen. However, Aditya also started experiencing baldness, which negatively impacted his appearance. Losing his hair was a setback for him. Though he started donning wigs initially, he always detested wearing wigs.

He wanted to look better, and that’s why he decided to get a hair transplant. This procedure allowed him to get his hairline back and made him appear considerably younger and more appealing on screen.

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  1. Amitabh Bachchan

Last on our list is BIG B. Yes, you must be surprised to know that even the Shehensha of the Indian film business has undergone hair transplant surgery. Amitabh Bachchan started to experience hair loss in the 90s when he was at the peak of his career. His rapid balding was the subject of widespread media attention and a growing concern among his fans.

Despite his silence regarding his hair transplant, the results are quite evident. Even at this age, he has much fuller hair than he did in the 1990s. This proves that he underwent surgery. According to reports, Amitabh Bachchan opted for hair transplant treatment from the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant technique. FUE is one of the older hair transplant surgeries to regain fuller hair growth. It involves the extraction of individual hair grafts from the donor area and creating slits on the recipient area and then transplanting grafts to balding regions.

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Putting it all together…

So, there you have it: the list of top 10 Bollywood Celebs who underwent hair transplant surgery. If you also want to get fuller hair growth to enhance your appearance, then the DHI hair transplant technique is your best choice. Direct Hair Implantation, or DHI, is one of the most advanced hair transplant techniques and hair transplant surgeries that help people restore fuller and thicker hair. DHI has75 hair transplant clinics in 45 countries, including India, America, Australia, Columbia, Austria, France, Germany, and so on. We have a team of the best hair transplant surgeons in the world, exclusively trained at the London hair restoration academy. Our hair transplantspecialists undergo stringent training to perform hair transplant surgeries.

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