3000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost in India – Things You Should Know

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The number of grafts or hair follicles to be used for hair transplant depends on the severity of hair loss. A graft is a bunch of hair follicles, sometimes one graft has a maximum of 4 hair follicles but the average is 2 hair follicles that get exposed according to the hair restoration goals of the patient. Even though the hair graft is extracted from the back side of the scalp, however, the donor area needs to be determined by the hair transplant specialist for effective results. To shape the graft, modern tools, surgical approaches, and the latest technique are used at the hair transplant clinic. When it comes to estimating the cost of a hair transplant cost, then, the following parameters are considered:


  • Number of hair implantation to cover the bald area
  • Hair Transplant Technique
  • Clinic and Surgeon experience
  • Tools used in the procedure
  • Safety and Hygiene Protocols followed by the clinic
  • Procedure performed by Surgeon not by technician or nurses
  • Procedure duration

After considering all the factors, the number of grafts is to be finalized to cover the bald area. Generally, the cost of one hair follicle implantation ranges between Rs. 90* to 110* across the hair transplant industry. Apart from the number of grafts, the cost of hair transplant surgery, post-operative care, and medications account for the total amount charged for hair restoration plus taxes and the most important point is who will perform the surgery, a surgeon or technician or nurse. In DHI clinics only surgeons perform the hair transplant surgery. If you are looking for concrete information related to up to 3000 Grafts Hair Transplant Costs in India, we have compiled essential details worth counting on.

Note: *The price may vary from case to case. Hence, to know the cost of DHI Hair transplant treatment, please visit DHI clinics for a physical consultation and discuss your treatment plan and cost.

Hair transplant cost and the use of grafts for the procedure

There are three main hair transplant techniques worldwide (DHI – Direct Hair Implantation, FUE, and FUT) and prices may vary from technique to technique and case to case. The starting price of DHI hair transplant treatment ranges start from Rs. 1,00,000* onwards and it is completely based on the hair requirement to cover the bald area and many other factors to evaluate the cost but the best part in DHI clinics is the customized treatment plan is tailored in computerized unique diagnosis alopecia test, that is only available in the DHI clinics and that is very transparent to each case.

Note: *The price may vary from case to case. Hence, to know the cost of DHI Hair transplant treatment, please visit DHI clinics for a physical consultation and discuss your treatment plan and cost.

In the clinics where the hair transplant procedure is performed by FUE technique and not done by surgeons, only technicians/nurses perform the procedure, the starting range of the hair transplant procedure is Rs. 80,000 and the cost may also increase up to Rs. 1,30,000. In this procedure of hair restoration, the cost of a hair graft may range between Rs. 60 to Rs. 150 depending on the overall treatment plan for the FUE hair transplant procedure. In the Norwood grades up to 2-3 baldness, an individual may require up to 1500-2500 grafts for successful hair transplant results. Similarly, when this case is assessed in the 4-6th grade of baldness, over 3500-5000 grafts are used to treat hair loss through surgical procedures. Hence, it can be estimated that up to 3000-3500, Grafts Hair Transplant costs in India will be up to Rs. 3,30 000.

Note: *The price may vary from case to case. Hence, to know the cost of DHI Hair transplant treatment, please visit DHI clinics for a physical consultation and discuss your treatment plan and cost.

In addition, all the grades of baldness require different numbers of grafts/follicles/hair for hair transplant, but, if you approach the top hair transplant FUE/FUT technique clinics in advance, cost-effective hair restoration may be experienced. For instance, in the 4th grade of baldness, over 1800-2300 grafts are used for hair transplant surgery and it costs around Rs. 32,000-65,000. In the case of the FUT hair transplant procedure, it is a painful technique and very less patients go with this kind of surgery.

Note: *The price may vary from case to case. Hence, to know the cost of DHI Hair transplant treatment, please visit only DHI clinics for a physical consultation and discuss your treatment plan and cost.

Maintaining the graft’s survivability for improved hair restoration results

To maintain graft survivability, grafts are stored in the solution as they cannot survive dry environments for only 16 minutes. Similarly, the chilled temperature and the sufficient supply of oxygen are the important points that hair transplant specialists focus on to keep the survivability of grafts, intact. In the DHI technique, the graft survival rate is over 90% and as compared to the industry standard of 50%.

Factors that influence the process of hair transplant and graft cost in India

Undoubtedly, choosing the top hair transplant clinic and most advanced technique while checking the latest infrastructural amenities, advanced approach and certified hair transplant surgeons on the panel are important highlights for informed decision-making. Apart from these factors, the technology used for the hair restoration procedure, surgeon experience, clinic location, the number of hair and grafts used in the procedure, and the method of hair transplant are essential points that determine the final cost of the surgical hair restoration. If you are not sure about the detailed procedure highlights, it is ideal to get all your apprehensions cleared whether it is related to the side effects of the hair transplant, cost, or after-care instructions.

Cost of up to 3000 Grafts Hair Transplant in India at DHI International

As a part of the consultation and the initial phases before the hair transplant surgery, the DHI doctor discusses the goals of hair restoration and creates a customized treatment plan. From the area to be covered, the donor site from where the graft will be extracted, and the cost estimate to getting familiar with 3000 grafts hair transplant cost in India will become easier when you choose DHI clinics. Being the leading and trusted clinic for hair transplants in the world, you can experience 100% safe, assisted surgery experience, medical expertise is implemented in the hair transplant procedure and the post-operative care. At DHI International, we assure the customized experience of hair transplant is availed by every patient.

In terms of graft cost, we have always offered flexible options by beginning with scalp and hair analysis in the UDSA consultation. We completely understand that evidence-based hair restoration is something every person looks for in transforming hair transplant procedures. The best treatment, desired hairline pattern, and natural-looking results with maximum density are attained after the surgery. In terms of payment methods, we enable our clients to rely on financing & other modes of payment for a smooth experience. The estimated 3000 grafts hair transplant cost in India at DHI clinics is cheaper compared with the other international countries because of currency differences.

Why choose DHI International for hair transplant and hair follicles cost estimate?

At DHI International, our experienced & well-qualified hair transplant surgeons use the best-in-class procedures of hair transplant painlessly. Being a trusted and renowned chain of clinics with a worldwide presence across 45 countries with above 75 clinics, we follow the international safety standards of hair restoration protocols to deliver customized outcomes for every patient. We closely examine your scalp and understand your requirements for a hair transplant and determine the number of hairs to be used for your personalized treatment goals. Our transparent and cost-effective hair transplant procedure for hair restoration treatment is available for every human being who is suffering from hair loss. For more information, write to us at info@dhiinternational.com.

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