Cost of 4000 Grafts or Hair Follicles in India

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Your hair is not just a part of your appearance; it’s a statement of your confidence and style. Often, we take our hair for granted, only realizing its significance when we start losing it. This is where the importance of hair transplant surgery comes into play.

For those with alopecia, baldness, or permanent hair loss, the prospect of fuller hair can be a beacon of hope. They recognize that hair transplant surgery can quickly restore their hair and be a transformative experience, reigniting their confidence and self-esteem.

What is hair transplant surgery?

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure designed to treat male-pattern and female-pattern baldness. It involves moving hair follicles from donor to balding recipient sites. The Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) technique is a minimally invasive treatment that transplants grafts containing genetically resistant hair follicles from the back of the head to the bare scalp. This technique ensures a high survival rate of the transplanted hair and a natural-looking result.

During a hair transplant surgery, a dermatologist or plastic surgeon typically harvests hair from the back of the head and implants it into the balding area of the scalp. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia by a certified practitioner. This innovative solution fills the bald areas with new, healthy hair that grows naturally over time, restoring the patient’s confidence and appearance.

People usually undergo hair transplant surgery when they face permanent pattern baldness due to genes. Apart from this, there are certainly more reasons that contribute to hair loss, like unhealthy diet, stress, sickness, drugs for hormonal imbalances, and lifestyle.

The statistical growth of hair transplant treatment in India.

India has emerged as a trusted hub for hair transplant surgeries, performing significantly each year. In 2021, Asia witnessed around 256,835 hair transplant procedures, with India contributing a substantial share. The country’s hair transplant market has seen remarkable growth, with a third of all hair transplant procedures performed annually in India, mainly by medical tourists. India’s success in attracting nearly 5,00,000 hair transplant surgeries annually is a testament to the expertise of its doctors and the natural-looking results they deliver. The industry has expanded by 192% in the past five-ten years, indicating its reliability and success.

This significant rise in hair transplants in India is due to the affordability and unmatched perfection that Indian surgeons offer. India has some of the world’s leading hair restoration surgeons and high-quality infrastructure. The average cost for a hair transplant surgery with pre- and post-care in India is INR 90,000 to INR 1,50,000, compared to INR 3,00,000-12,00,000 in the USA for the same number of follicles/grafts. This difference is why people travel thousands of miles to get the surgery done in India.

The cost per graft/follicle in India is significantly lower, but what are grafts, and how are they related to hair transplant surgery?

What are grafts?

Hair Grafts are small, healthy scalp pieces harvested from the back of the head, often called hair plugs, which are then transplanted to a bald area.

Hair grafts are collections of hair with an average of two hairs per graft that grow in groupings of one, two, three, or four. Since hair loss is chronic and incurable, it is vital to understand the details of the hair transplant. Not knowing the pros and cons and the right time for the procedure can have catastrophic effects, contrary to the impact of a successful hair transplant. This requires skilled surgeons to perform and fix subpar hair transplants because precise graft placement is necessary.

Graft/Follicle extraction and implantation using the DHITM technique.

While working on a DHI technique, doctors use specialized needles to extract hair from a donor area and insert it into the desired planting location. There is a myth that the DHITM-direct hair Implantation technique is closer to FUE; there is a massive difference in the implantation process. In FUE, surgeons cut the scalp from a blade and make tiny incisions to insert the grafts with the help of forceps. In contrast, in the DHI technique, the surgeons use an implanter of less than 0.09 mm needle for inserting the follicles that give complete control on angle, direction, and depth.

DIRECT HAIR IMPLANTATION (DHI) – DHITM is a unique hair transplant procedure that can only be performed by:

  1. DHI Technique
  2. DHI certified doctors
  3. DHI protocols
  4. DHI’s patented instruments
  5. At DHI-authorized clinics

No pain, no scars, no downtime. The perfect natural result every single time.

Working on 4000 grafts 

With the typical FUE process, 4000 grafts are first gathered, and then 4000 channels are opened to place hair follicles in the same number of graft sowing. On the other hand, in a DHITM technique, 4000 grafts/follicles are extracted and implanted immediately without delay or pause. In DHI surgeries, about twenty to fifty implanters are used, and the harvested grafts are planted immediately using this unique instrument.

The DHI hair transplant procedure is not painful and has benefits like improved regrowth, quicker recovery, and no downtime. It is perfect for younger or older people experiencing severe hair loss in small areas.

Cost of 4000 grafts/follicles in India

How much will 4000 grafts (hair follicles) hair transplant cost?

We hear this question probably more than any other here at DHI clinics.

The answer, however, is more complex than just a number. Not all hair transplants are created equal—different clinics offer different levels of quality, experience, technology, results, and more.

Hindsight is a beautiful thing. We’ve all made a decision based on price at least once in our lives, only to experience the disappointment of a poor-quality product or service. Some of us may have even felt the sting of having to pay twice for the same thing – first for the inferior product or service and the second time to fix up or replace it.

In this blog, we’ll go over all the crucial components that define how much a hair transplant costs. It’s a lifelong investment, so you must know what the price tag will get you. We’ll even give you some examples of DHI hair transplants and the cost of each procedure.

Hair transplant costs in India vary significantly based on the technique used, the length of the procedure, the surgeon’s experience and qualification, the instruments used in surgery, and the facilities and patient care. The price range may fall between Rs. 100 to Rs. 150 per graft or hair, excluding taxes. For 4000 grafts (hair follicles), it can range from Rs. 4,00,000 to Rs. 6,00,000. This cost does not include GST, medicines, and postoperative care fees. Patients must pay separately for medication, pre-operative tests, and postoperative care.

An initial consultation fee is also required when a surgeon diagnoses the condition and creates an appropriate treatment plan. In India, few cheap clinics offer free consultations.

Factors that determine the cost of grafts (hair follicles) in India.

Although there is an average amount specified across the country per graft transplant, we do see that the cost changes due to certain factors. These include:

The level of baldness

The cost of a hair transplant is directly proportional to the degree of baldness, and comparing prices from different clinics is essential. Severe baldness increases the number of grafts needed, affecting the overall cost. To determine the extent of the transplant, a proper assessment of baldness grade, using the Norwood rating scale, is crucial.

The number of grafts (hair follicles) needed

Hair transplant costs are directly influenced by the total number of grafts (hair follicles) needed. The surgeon determines the number based on the individual’s hair loss condition, with the grade of baldness determining the required grafts. Clinic-specific data may vary.

Surgeon and expertise

Hair surgeons with extensive experience, proficiency in using surgical instruments, and expertise in creating the perfect hairline charge higher fees for hair transplants. This is due to their ability to handle complex situations, minimize complications, and make an aesthetically pleasing hairline.

Availability of Graft (Hair Follicles)

The availability of donor grafts dramatically affects the cost of hair transplants. Follicles are usually removed from the back of the head. Still, if that area is insufficient, extracting follicles from other body places may be necessary, which can be more complex and time-consuming.

Credibility of the clinic

Hair transplantation costs vary based on the clinic’s geographic location and reputation. High-cost areas like major cities or affluent regions may have higher costs. Reputational clinics with successful procedures and satisfied patients may charge higher fees, justified by the perceived value of high-quality service and skilled staff.

Why choose a hair transplant treatment at the DHI clinic?

DHI technique and its benefits are propriety to DHI Medical Group. Some clinics and doctors try to copy this and claim to use the DHI technique, which is misleading. The following features are only available at DHI-authorised clinics.

1) We are proud to be ranked #1 on customer satisfaction in a hair transplant industry survey by IMRB. Our customer satisfaction rate is more than 99%. Also, they received the Customer Excellence Award from Quantic and numerous other awards & accreditations from medical bodies worldwide.

2) Our results are not just good; they are fantastic! Click LINK to see our results and LINK to get our customer feedback.

3) We provide hair restoration services for men and women with all stages of hair loss. This includes high growth factor PRP/GFC therapies and Activa Regenera treatment for early-stage alopecia, hair transplants for all stages of alopecia, and the highest-quality natural human hair cosmetic patches for very advanced stages of alopecia. Our hair loss treatment products and nutraceuticals have the highest-grade active ingredients, and you can shop for them here.

4) All procedures are performed from start to finish by DHI doctors trained and certified by the London Hair Restoration Academy. The surgeons are focused only on hair restoration procedures. Every procedure undergoes strict quality control.

5) All procedures are performed per strict standard operating protocols accredited with the UK Care Quality Commission and ISO standards.

6) The world’s safest hair transplant procedure is performed in a sterile environment according to comprehensive safety protocols. All procedures are performed only after proper diagnosis and medical tests.

7) Our patented implanter allows Perfect control over angle, depth, and direction. Only the highest-quality imported instruments are used and discarded after every procedure.

8) One-step implantation to ensure minimal graft handling. The highest graft survival rate is over 90%, compared to 50-90% in other clinics.

9) There are no stitches, pain, scarring, or downtime. You can return to work the next day. It is just a short procedure to regrow your hair naturally and permanently. Daily Mail UK titled DHI the “Lunch Hour Transplant” (click here to read the article).

10) Achieve strong density in a session compared to other low-density techniques such as FUE and FUT.

11) Natural Results Guaranteed – The DHI technique gives you a perfectly natural result; others will only know you had a transplant if you tell them.

12) DHI is the world’s largest hair restoration medical group from Greece. For more than 50 years, we have focused on research, innovation, and education in hair restoration. We have 75 clinics in 45 countries serving more than 5,00,000 satisfied customers. Top celebrities from the entertainment, sports, business, and politics only trust DHI for their hair restoration.

Relying on a reputed hair transplant clinic is a wise decision anyone with baldness can make. DHI is one promising platform that gives its clients outstanding results and changes in life that they seek with the growth of their hair. Equipping you with a practical, transparent transplant procedure, DHI can help you with any baldness.

Connect with us today for the best hair transplant surgery on a valuable budget.

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