How Much is 1000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost in India?

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Cost of up to 2500 Hair and 1000 Graft Implantations in India

The cost of a hair transplant in India varies based on several factors, including the number of grafts or hair follicles, the clinic’s location and reputation, the surgeon’s experience, the technique used for the transplant, and so on. In DHI clinics the doctor will let you know how many hair follicles you need to cover the bald area but after the alopecia test and that test is called UDSA (Unique Diagnosis Alopecia Test).

DHI hair transplant technique is the most innovative/advanced technique used in the hair transplant process. It guarantees 100% natural results with maximum density.

When calculating the price of a hair transplant procedure at DHI India, we take into consideration a variety of aspects. The price may change depending on the scalp condition as well as the degree of difficulty of the extraction. For example, curly hair extraction is unique and tough. Undoubtedly, the number of hair grafts that need to be transplanted is one of the components that go into determining how much a hair transplant will cost.


How Exactly is the Price of a Hair Transplant Determined At DHI?

At DHI, the cost of getting a hair transplant is determined by several aspects, such as the general difficulty of the procedure, the reputation of the surgeon, the type of hair loss that you are going through, the location and reputation of the hair transplant clinic, the number of hair follicles/grafts to be implanted, and so on.

The first and foremost thing that is done when you visit a hair transplant clinic is the evaluation of your bald head with the help of a unique diagnosis alopecia test. Primary evaluation at DHI helps DHI surgeons determine the potential for additional hair loss and the most effective way to use the donor area’s hair. Our hair transplant specialists leave no stone unturned to get you the best results. That’s the reason we recommend visiting our clinic physically for a one-on-one consultation with DHI specialists. They would be better able to help you with all the necessary detail, including 1000 graft hair transplant costs in India.

A hair transplant treatment is an incredible solution to your hair loss problem. You get permanent results for a one-time investment. Isn’t it thrilling?

How Do You Determine If a Candidate Is Suitable for 1000 Graft Hair Transplant?

Several aspects of hair determine whether or not a person is a good candidate for a hair transplant. Everything from the color of the hair to its texture plays a crucial role in determining whether or not you’re the right candidate for the procedure, the most factor is the donor area and the current hair density.

For those who are only losing hair in a small patch, for example, up to 1000 grafts should be sufficient. However, our DHI specialist will advise you to get extra hair follicles or grafts if the hair loss is really bad in a particular area.

The amount of hair that needs to be transplanted will significantly impact the overall cost of a hair transplant. The cost of up to 2000 hair can range up to $2500 or anywhere from a hundred to several thousand rupees. In case of moderate hair loss, you can anticipate investing between $2500 to $6900 on treatment, it entirely depends on the hair loss condition. On the other hand, the cost of a DHI hair transplant might range anywhere from $2500 to $7800 if the patient has experienced substantial hair loss.


Is Hair Transplant Surgery Covered in Health Insurance?

No! Most health insurance companies do not provide any coverage for hair transplant surgeries. It is because hair transplant treatments come under cosmetic treatments, and health insurance providers do not cover such treatments. Therefore, the majority of insurance providers will not cover the expense of having hair transplantation performed. However, it is advised to get in-depth information from your health insurance company or agent when buying a health insurance policy. Some insurance companies include coverage for cosmetic treatments in their overall policy; however, this is subject to the terms and conditions of each policy’s coverage.

Best Hair Transplants at Affordable Prices with DHI Technique

Most people have this notion that hair transplants are exorbitantly costly. It’s because they’re expected to pay a hefty sum all at once. However, if you add up all you spent, you’ll realize that you obtained the best outcomes for the lowest prices possible.

When considering various treatments of hair restoration, such as hairpieces, or wigs, there are expenditures associated with maintenance, etc. In addition, people around you can quickly make out that you are wearing a wig, which makes you appear unattractive. Wigs have an artificial appearance. In addition, you rarely end up with the right wigs or headpieces for that matter. You can go with the DHI’s cosmetic hair patch treatment because it requires very minimum maintenance and the patch looks very premium and natural. The cosmetic hair patch treatment is recommendable for those patients who are completely bald or don’t have a good donor area for hair transplant procedures.

That’s not the case with hair transplant surgeries. Whether you get 1000 hair or follicles and grafts or 10000, you end up getting natural-looking hair if the procedure is performed by the DHI technique. It is because the follicles and grafts are extracted from your own body itself. If there is a dearth of enough grafts on your scalp, DHI surgeons will opt for body-to-scalp follicles and grafts to implant matching hair so that they look natural and visible at maximum density.

Getting a DHI hair transplant will help you have results that will last a lifetime for a one-time investment. The best thing about DHI hair transplantation, it is a non-invasive procedure, less painful, with no scars, no scalpels, and no downtime. Also, there is no risk of infection or any kind of allergy post-surgery.

Most people only need to have one hair transplant procedure in their lifetimes. If at all there is a need for second transplantation, surgeons will implant hair follicles only in the areas where the hairline has receded after the first or the hair loss happen in another area of the scalp. We at DHI take great care of each of our patients. Our specialists tailor each patient’s treatment plan to their specific needs, ensuring that they achieve beautiful, long-lasting, natural results that stand out!

If you want to learn more about up to 2000 hair or 1000 graft costs in India, contact DHI Clinics in India. We are just a call away!


How much time it takes to implant 1000 grafts or 2500 hair follicles?

Implantation of up to 2500 hair follicles or 1000 grafts at DHI takes around 3 – 4 hours. Direct hair implantation, also known as the DHITM technique, is the most advanced technique for implanting hair follicles and grafts. Hair or grafts are implanted into the bald or thinning area of the head from a donor site, typically the back side of the head.

How is DHI better than other techniques?

DHITM, or Direct Hair Implantation, is the most advanced technique to get fuller hair growth. DHI surgeons carefully transplant your hair into the scalp with the help of an implanter. The hair follicles typically grow in clusters of 1-4 hairs, which are often called grafts. Our expert surgeons carefully extract grafts from a donor site, typically located at the back side of your head. Then the separations of one, two, three, and four hair bunch are kept in a tray under a hypothermosol solution that helps the graft survival rate, the singles help design natural looking hair line and then immediately implantation planning surgeons carefully implant these grafts into the bald region, called the recipient area.

DHI hair transplant procedure stands out from other hair transplant techniques due to its unique approach to hair implantation. At DHI clinics use a specialized tool called an advanced implanter tool. Unlike other procedures, which involve the creation of tiny incisions before implantation, the DHI implanter enables the precise and immediate implantation of extracted hair, ensuring natural results with maximum density. In addition, DHI hair transplant is a less invasive, less painful technique, which greatly minimizes the risk of any potential damage to the hair follicles.

What is the recovery time after having surgery?

DHI hair transplant is an outpatient treatment. This means you don’t need any kind of hospitalization for the procedure. The majority of patients can go back to work after having a head wash after the next day of the procedure completion.

In most cases, people start to see 40 – 50% of new hair growth in their treated region between three to six months. While in further months, you will start to see 75% of new hair growth in your treated area. The remaining 25 percent of your transplanted hair should begin to grow between six to ten months after your DHI procedure. Also, the transplanted hair normally begins to grow thicker and denser after a while. Know that it takes around 12 months to see fuller hair growth. Be patient all the while, as patience is the key to success when it comes to the best hair transplant outcomes, and follow all the instructions suggested by the surgeons.

What are the benefits of DHI hair transplant treatment?

The first and foremost benefit of DHI hair transplant treatment is a newer and better look as you end up regaining fuller hair growth. Aside from that, you get to see increased confidence and freedom from all the negative thoughts that you had before undergoing the treatment. Of course, people’s perception of you also changes when you look your best!

We at DHI offer hair transplant services for the head, and face. With us, you can be sure of natural-looking hair in no time!

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