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Are you experiencing hair loss and want to restore hair growth? A hair transplant is the best way to achieve fuller and more natural-looking hair. Yes, a hair transplant is one of the most effective ways to restore hair growth. This method helps you look your best and boosts your confidence, which people often lose due to hair loss issues.

There is no doubt that a hair transplant is an effective method to restore hair growth. However, like every other surgery, you must be careful about your newly transplanted hair.

Yes, you got that right! We are talking about post-transplant hair care.

Whether you believe it or not, people who adhere to their doctor’s advice post-hair transplant get the best results. Therefore, it is crucial that you also take excellent care of your newly transplanted hair to have lasting results. You can witness beautiful, dense hair with proper pre- and post-hair transplant care.

So, if you’re wondering what all the things you need to do after your hair transplant, then don’t miss reading this post

This article provides some important things to do in your post-transplant journey.

So, without wasting any moment, let’s dive in…

Post-Hair Transplant Care

Post-hair transplant care encompasses the precautions and considerations that should be taken following a hair transplant surgery.

This section provides some common tips to ensure a successful hair transplant. For more clarity, consulting your hair transplant surgeon is preferable.

Let’s now take a look at the tips. Here we go…

TIP NO. 1: Maintain Moisture in the Recipient Area 

Keeping the recipient area moisturized is the first and foremost thing to ensure in post-hair transplant care. The transplant surgeon will prescribe the required medicines and hair care products that enhance hair growth in that region. Make sure to take your medication without fail to maintain moisture in the grafted part. Ensure you do it regularly as your surgeon prescribes because newly grafted follicles require sufficient moisture to grow denser.

TIP NO. 2: Sleep Slightly Upright Position 

People with newly transplanted hair experience slight or severe pain and, sometimes, swelling. It is also crucial not to disturb your freshly grafted hair follicles. Yes, they need time to set. Therefore, it is advised that you sleep in a slightly upright position for a specific period. Your surgeon will give you specific instructions about how to sleep while your new hair grows. Follow his advice religiously; otherwise, you will damage your newly transplanted hair follicles.

TIP NO. 3: Avoid Indulging in Intense Workout 

You will be asked to avoid intense physical workouts after your surgery. For post-hair transplant care, avoiding heavy physical exercise for at least two weeks is suggested. After a week to 10 days, patients are not supposed to do strenuous exercise. You can, of course, indulge in non-aerobic exercise. Intense physical workouts can potentially damage newly grafted follicles due to heavy sweating. Also, intense exercises can adversely hamper the healing and growth of your hair. So, don’t skip this tip at all. You may engage in basic stretches and light walking while awaiting the surgeon’s instructions before resuming your workout.

TIP NO. 4: Avoid Sun Exposure 

It is a no-brainer that harmful sun rays can damage your newly grafted hair. Know that the first two weeks are crucial for new grafted follicles. As previously stated, sweating is a dangerous factor for transplant treatment. Hence, avoiding direct sun exposure for the first two weeks and until six months after the operation would be best. We are not constantly asking you to stay indoors; we know it’s impossible, especially when you are a professional. However, wearing headwear can avoid sun rays whenever moving out of your home. Doing so effectively enhances the hair growth in the transplanted area. Therefore, add it to your checklist without fail.

TIP NO. 5: Avoid Alcohol & Smoking

Not forever, of course :)! In general, smoking and alcohol consumption affect your body’s health. However, know that consuming alcohol or smoking after the surgery will hamper both your hair growth and healing of the recipient region.

We presume you don’t want to mess with the overall outcome of the hair transplant. Because not skipping them after a certain period of hair transplantation may severely impact the overall treatment. So, try not to drink and stop smoking for at least a prescribed period after the hair transplant.

TIP NO. 6: Be Gentle with Your Newly Transplanted Hair  

We all know how important it is to wash our heads. We all follow a routine. Males tend to wash their heads every day. But cleaning your head immediately after your hair transplant won’t be possible.

You might feel very itchy and then immediately prefer to wash their heads. But this is a wrong practice. You must wait 48 hours after the surgery and avoid washing your head straight in the pressured taps or showers.

In addition, be gentle with your newly transplanted hair. Wash your head gently, using only the prescribed shampoo, lotion, or hair-washing products.

In addition, antibiotic creams should be used 3 to 5 days after the surgery. Only the prescribed antibiotic creams should be applied to the bumps or pimples on the transplanted area. It reduces the itchy feeling on the head and relieves the pain.

TIP NO. 7: Simple Hair Styles

We know you would be eager to flaunt your hairstyle to the world. But unfortunately, you cannot do it immediately after the hair transplant surgery. Yes, you read that right!

Whether you’re a male or female patient, you must avoid using chemical sprays, gels, or heaters to style your hair. Consider waiting until you witness even and dense hair at the recipient region. Plus, use a soft-bristled comb to brush your hair. Rub your hair gently with a cotton towel after the first hair wash. Be conscious while detangling and styling your hair.

TIP NO. 8: Take Care of Grafts

Pamper the grafted follicles like new ones. Clean the head with water in the first week, and don’t rub or comb the hair. You can mildly rub and apply oil in the second week. Also, you may experience some hair loss in the recipient region at this stage. There is no need to panic; it is normal. Clean the donor area after the first week and gently rub the area. Doing so gradually loosens the stitch and makes the patient relax.

TIP NO. 9: Eat a Healthy Diet 

Include healthy food items in your diet. Yes, it is crucial to eat healthy food. Only a hair transplant surgery is not enough for your hair growth. What you eat also plays an important role. A healthy diet will strengthen hair follicles and elevate overall health.

Add antioxidant-rich foods like blueberries, tomatoes, cherries, etc., to your diet. In addition, take green vegetables, protein-rich foods, walnuts, fatty acids, salmon, and other vitamin-enriched foods. It includes vitamin D, B complex, B7, biotin foods, etc. Whether you like it or not, consuming a nutrition-rich diet will boost your overall health and hair growth.

TIP NO. 10: Drink Plenty of Water

Finally, yet importantly, stay hydrated. Whether you believe it or not, drinking plenty of water can promote hair growth and healing. Therefore, you must drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water. In addition, you can add fresh juices, coconut water, and buttermilk to your diet to promote hair growth.

Essential Things to Ensure Immediately After a Hair Transplant

So far, you’ve explored the regular healthy routine to be followed after a hair transplant. In this section, you can find some essential things to do immediately after the hair transplant. Make a checklist to help you have the best outcome ever. Take a look:

  1. Eat light food in the evening after the surgery, and don’t consume alcohol.
  2. You may witness swelling or slight pain in the head; don’t panic. Use soft pillows.
  3. Take medicines according to the surgeon’s prescription and consume them without fail.
  4. Patients can enjoy listening to songs, watching TV, and being themselves. You don’t need to take bed rest like other treatments. Yes, avoid lying in bed all the time.
  5. Enhance your sleep cycle by going to bed earlier.
  6. Keep your hands away from the grafted portion or the entire head to avoid pressure.
  7. Avoid rubbing, scratching, or touching your hair.
  8. Finally, feel free to talk to your hair transplant surgeon if you have any doubts or problems after the surgery. Don’t leave the clinic confused. Try to clarify them immediately after the transplant, during the consultation session, or during the post-surgery period.

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Bottom Lines 

A hair transplant is one of the most important decisions of your life. Indeed, this decision can potentially elevate your overall quality of life. Ensure that you follow these post-hair transplant care tips without fail. And try to opt for the best surgeon teams to get world-class transplant surgery.

Regarding the best hair transplant clinic, DHI India is your best bet. DHI India uses the most innovative hair transplant technique, the DHI Total Care System. The DHI Total Care System boasts an impressive graft survival rate of over 90%, ensuring long-lasting and sustainable results. Moreover, all the surgeries at DHI are performed only by highly skilled and experienced professionals.

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Happy transplant journey!

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