Hair Transplant in Thailand

Hair Transplant Treatment in Thailand with DHI Technique

Thailand, located in the center of mainland Southeast Asia, is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. The place is known for its beautiful scenic backdrops, tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins, and ornate temples. It is inhabited by individuals from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds and traveled by people from all around the world, resulting in the establishment of numerous medical facilities, including hair transplant clinics. People from across the globe visit Thailand for excursions and medical tourism. The cost of hair transplants in Thailand can vary greatly, similar to tourism in the country. The variation in cost is primarily based on the number of hair follicles or grafts needed to cover the balding area. In addition, the clinic’s location, the reputation of the surgeon, the extent of your baldness, and the condition of the donor site also play a crucial role in determining the overall cost of the surgery.

Hair Transplant Cost in Bangalore India

Don’t speculate; visit our facility for more detailed information about the treatment cost and procedure. Our highly skilled surgeon will provide you with all the necessary information regarding the surgery.

Hair Transplant Treatments

There are three hair transplant techniques:

  • DHITM – Direct Hair Implantation
  • FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction
  • FUT – Follicular Unit Transplantation

Direct hair implantation, popularly known as the DHI Hair Transplant technique, is a highly advanced and widely recognized method for hair transplantation. In this procedure, the surgeon extracts individual hair follicles from the donor site (preferably the back or sides of the scalp). These follicles are then transplanted into the recipient area of the scalp (area of the scalp experiencing hair thinning or baldness). A highly skilled and experienced surgeon and a team of expert hair technicians perform the surgery to ensure no hair follicle is damaged during the process. Your surgeon will numb the area using local anaesthesia during the procedure. DHI surgeons use patented instruments to perform direct hair implantation to ensure a seamless process. A specialized motorized extractor is used to extract hair follicles from the donor site meticulously. Extracted follicles are then implanted in the balding area with the assistance of an implanter. These instruments grant surgeons complete control over the hair follicles’ angle, direction, and depth, resulting in consistently natural-looking outcomes. DHI Total Care System typically requires approximately 6 to 8 hours to be completed within a single session. This hair transplant treatment is painless, least invasive, and highly effective. It offers the highest graft survival rate compared to all other hair transplant techniques.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is an older method of hair transplant procedure. This method also involves the extraction of healthy hair follicles from the donor site and transplanting them into the balding area. However, this method leads to scars as your surgeon will need to create small incisions in the recipient area in order to extract hair follicles. The graft survival rate for FUE hair transplant treatment very much depends on the expertise and experience of the surgeon who performs the treatment.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is one of the oldest and most commonly used hair transplant techniques currently available. As the name says, this method involves the extraction of follicular units from the donor site. For this extraction, your surgeon will first remove a strip of skin from the back of your head and extract hair follicles. These individual hair follicles are then placed in the balding area using a slit method. The procedure is widely regarded as the most painful for patients. Also, the graft survival rate is comparatively low in this procedure.

Factors Affecting Hair Transplant Cost In Thailand

  • The extent of hair loss
  • State of the Donor Site
  • The location of the clinic
  • The number of grafts required to cover the balding region
  • The clinic’s reputation
  • The treatment you choose
  • The reputation of the hair transplant surgeon
  • The experience of the hair transplant surgeon
  • The duration of the session
  • The condition of hair loss
  • The texture, colour, and other characteristics of the donor hair.
  • The durability of the treatment, and so on.

DHI Hair Transplant Cost in Thailand

The cost of a hair transplant at our clinic depends on the severity of your hair loss, the density of your hair, the texture and other characteristics of the donor’s hair, and the number of follicles required for optimal results.

When it comes to DHI treatment, the cost of a DHI hair transplant session depends on the extent of the session required to achieve optimal density and natural results. DHI specialist will first get an alopecia UDSA test done; he/she will then examine the donor and recipient areas and calculate the total number of hairs in each zone that can be extracted and implanted before determining the session size. DHI is one of the best and most advanced hair transplant procedures that comes with superior results. Remember that you’ll never regret this one-time investment as you’ll gain 100% outcome from it. We at DHI India offer the most affordable hair transplant treatment that anyone can easily afford. Moreover, we adhere to the highest standards of hair transplant treatments to provide our patients with the best results. We have the best team of surgeons, and we use the most advanced surgical instruments to perform the procedure.

Patient Results


Got Questions? We’ve got answers.

I have androgenic alopecia; how can the DHI Total Care System help?

Androgenic Alopecia, or male pattern baldness, is very common these days. Males start to experience this kind of baldness at an early age. But that’s not the problem now because the DHI Total Care System is the most effective way to get rid of Androgenic Alopecia. Not only does it help you restore your hair in the balding region, but it also helps you regain your self-esteem and restore your self-confidence. The outcome of the procedure is entirely natural and has the potential to be completely undetectable.

DHI Total Care System involves the extraction of healthy hair follicles from the donor site and then implanting them into the area experiencing hair thinning. DHI surgeons prioritize the utmost care in protecting each hair follicle during the procedure. No hair is damaged, dropped, or misplaced. Choosing the right technique is crucial as the donor hair follicle area can sustain significant damage as a result of poor technique and outdated equipment. DHI Total Care System is your best bet if you want to achieve the best possible results.

What causes male pattern baldness?

Male pattern baldness, scientifically referred to as androgenetic alopecia, is the most common type of hair loss among men. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the main factor that contributes to male pattern baldness. DHT is an androgenic hormone that causes hair loss in males. Increased levels of DHT can cause the hair follicles to shrink and the hair growth cycle to shorten, leading to hair loss.

There are various hair transplant techniques available that can assist in getting rid of male pattern baldness. It is crucial to select a reputable hair transplant facility to ensure a successful hair transplant treatment. At DHI, we take pride in providing the finest and cutting-edge hair transplant treatments available. For more details, please feel free to contact our staff.

What are my chances of getting scars after undergoing the DHI Total Care System Procedure?

Well, the coolest thing about the DHI Total Care System is that it leaves no scar. This is because the DHI Total Care System is the least invasive method that ensures a scar-free outcome. Patients who have undergone Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) have reported experiencing thicker, fuller hair that appears entirely natural.

Who makes the best candidate for the DHI Total Care System?

DHI Total Care System is one of the best hair transplant treatments currently available. The procedure has the potential to improve both your appearance and self-confidence. However, before making the decision to undergo hair transplant surgery, it is important to carefully consider your goals and communicate them effectively with your surgeon.

Know that all hair transplant techniques utilize your existing hair, either from scalp to scalp or body to scalp. An effective hair transplant aims to maximize the utilization of existing hair in the most efficient manner possible.

In order to be eligible for a hair transplant, individuals must have healthy hair follicles on the back and sides of their head, as these areas will serve as the donor sites. When determining whether or not you are a good candidate for hair transplant surgery, your current health status is also taken into account. Hair colour, hair texture, and waves or curls are all easily modifiable variables that might affect the cosmetic outcome.

Also, remember that there are bounds to what can be accomplished. Chronically sick patients and those with sparse hair in potential donor areas may not be good candidates.

What is the cost of a hair transplant in Thailand?

The cost of a hair transplant in Thailand can vary depending on several factors. These factors include the hair transplant technique you select, the facility you choose, the number of grafts required to cover the bald spots, the reputation and expertise of the doctor performing the procedure, the duration of each session, and so on. Hair transplantation is a significant decision that should not be solely influenced by its cost. It is crucial to visit a reputable hair transplant clinic when considering hair transplant treatment. At DHI, we offer the best hair transplantation using the most advanced hair transplant technique. Our prices are the most competitive in the industry. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

What is the typical recovery time after undergoing surgery?

DHI Total Care System is an outpatient hair transplant treatment. Most patients resume work within two to five days following the surgery. It usually takes around 18 months to get fully grown hair in the balding region. However, within a span of two to six months, you will begin to observe a significant amount of new hair growth, ranging from 40 to 50 percent, in the treated area. You can expect to see a 75% increase in new hair growth in the treated area within the next three months. After nine months of undergoing DHI treatment, you can expect the remaining 25 percent of transplanted hair to start growing. In addition to the surgery itself, proper aftercare is crucial for achieving optimal hair transplant results. So, make sure to adhere to your doctor’s post-operative instructions in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Why Choose DHI?

The DHI Total Care System leads the DHI hair transplant technique. This highly advanced hair transplant technique effectively restores natural hair growth, providing longer, more dense hair. This cutting-edge procedure is available at competitive prices, making it an excellent choice for those seeking hair restoration. This procedure extracts healthy hair follicles from the donor region and implants them into the balding region. In contrast to traditional methods, this approach does not require incisions, scars, or stitches. In addition, the surgeon has complete control over the implantation’s angle, direction, and depth. DHI surgeons use specialized titanium-coated instruments that are specifically designed for single use. This assures the highest level of accuracy and safety during the treatment, producing astonishing results. The DHI hair transplant treatment is performed by highly skilled surgeons who have received training from the London Hair Restoration Academy and have been certified by DHI International. DHI Total Care System is a highly effective method that targets various scalp issues, such as male-pattern baldness, female-pattern baldness, Telogen Effluvium, Alopecia Areata, and more. Additionally, it can enhance the appearance of sparse eyebrows or patchy beards. At DHI, our surgeons and hair technicians prioritize patient safety by carefully harvesting and implanting hair follicles.

Totally Safe

Strict protocols are applied to all processes and at all levels to guarantee 100% safety.

Natural Result

Full control of the depth, the direction and the angle of placement ensures 100% natural result


For extraction and implantation, tiny disposable instruments are used with diameter of 1mm or less

Maximum Viability Guaranteed

We Guarantee over 90% Graft survival ratio for dense hair and natural results, while the industry’s average is about 50%

Only by Doctors

The procedure from start to finish is performed by medical doctors, trained and certified by London Hair Restoration Training Academy

Growth for Lifetime

Only healthy hair follicles, excluding hair in telogen phase, are chosen and implanted

How can DHI International assist you in achieving fuller hair?

Hair loss has become a widespread issue today. Hair loss not only affects your appearance, but also it negatively impacts your confidence. Before it becomes a severe issue, consider opting for a hair transplant treatment. At DHI International, we can help you achieve the best look using the specialized hair transplant technique known as DHI Total Care System. DHI International is a well-known chain of hair transplant clinics in India and abroad. At DHI, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional hair transplant treatments. We employ the most advanced hair transplant technique, DHI Total Care System, which ensures 100% natural-looking hair growth. The DHI technique is widely recognized as one of the most influential and advanced methods for hair transplantation globally. Our team consists of highly skilled surgeons fully committed to delivering exceptional results for our patients seeking hair loss treatment. All our hair transplant surgeries are performed at state-of-the-art facilities using the most advanced technology. We carefully consider your reasons and goals before customizing a treatment plan. Our surgeons are committed to surpassing expectations and assisting you in achieving the appearance you desire.

If you are experiencing any hair loss, DHI hair transplant and restoration clinics can assist you in regaining fuller and more natural hair within 9-14 months.

Since our inception, we have helped over 300,000 worldwide achieve thicker and more natural-looking hair.

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