Hair Loss in women is an especially frightening and traumatic experience.It can occur across the age-spectrum and is linked to many physiological and psychological conditions.


DHI has developed an unparalleled and comprehensive range of restoration options to address the hair loss problems that they can cause. Our unique range is called the Total Care System. It promises to identify and match, the best-tailored treatment to your hair loss needs.

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What brings about Female Hair Loss?

Female pattern alopecia is most common; triggered by a reduction in the presence of female estrogen and an increase in male testosterone.

Physical stresses such as surgery, anaemia, menopause and childbirth; emotional stresses like anxiety, work pressure and bereavement, can each take their toll.

Medication, diet and even fungal infections can also play a part, and these are only some of many potentially detrimental factors.

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The Effects

You might shed more hair than usual, your individual hair fibres get thinner and overall density can diminish.

The Pathway to Brighter Future

The Total Care System is a purpose built toolkit that can tackle the consequences of female hair loss in its many guises.

Whether nutritional topical solutions, laser therapy, Direct Hair Implantation or even temporary cover-up applications, the bespoke Total Care System offers the promise of a brighter future