What it’s designed to do – Three pillars of re-assurance

DHI Total Care System is a unique ‘nose-to-tail’ client service package that meets all the needs of hair loss sufferers seeking treatment. It does so on every step of a daunting journey that can often be regarded with uncertainty and trepidation.

They need re-assurance that the process will be safe, that the results will seem natural, and that the yield of new hair will be maximised and last a lifetime. The package of benefits delivered by our system ticks all three boxes.

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DHI Total Care System™

How it’s delivered – A guaranteed service experience
The DHI Total Care System consistently delivers four core components of care and attention to detail:

Psychological Aspects

Psychological empathy is paramount. We provide advice that genuinely understands our clients’ feelings and manages their expectations accordingly.

Mathematical Aspects

Mathematical analysis that determines the best use of donor areas and implantation strategy, plus longer-term treatment planning

Medical Aspects

Medical care from initial examination to pharmaceutical prescription, and anesthesia to post-procedural support.

Artistic Aspects

Aesthetic sensibility guides our ‘design’ for each procedure

DHI Total Care System is a gold-standard benchmark of best practice within these four component areas of service, for the provision of hair loss treatment.


For our customers it ensures consistent and successful delivery of the three pillars of re-assurance – It’s the promise that we make

For our practitioners it enshrines the standards we must meet to practice in the name of the brand – It’s the way we keep our promise.

DHI Total Care System guarantees the quality of our service wherever and whenever it is delivered, and at every stage of its delivery.

It is a mark of excellence and a professional accreditation, recognised by medical peers, academe and an increasingly global audience of commentators and customers.

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Custom Designed Single Use Instruments

DHI has started to use custom designed sterile single use instruments, under 1 mm diameter.
in Direct Hair Implantation these instruments are destroyed right after the DHI session in the presence of the patient.