We are happy to introduce the latest, advanced product line from DHI Medical Group Laboratories.
Feel free to discover how our new series of products can beneficial for your hair condition.
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At DHI, our goal is plain and simple – to apply the latest, most advanced innovations in hair replacement technology to give you the healthy, natural looking hair you deserve. 

Exogen Treatment Products

The DHI Medical Group, a global leader in hair restoration, through the smart DHI Total Care System® announces a new and advanced treatment; The Exogen Treatment Program (ETP). It is not invasive and it is specially designed to strengthen and improve appearance of scalp hair.

You can stop hair loss now!

The DHI ETP® uses the DHI Exogen Products, which are exclusively supplied in all DHI Clinics around the world. They consist of four different kinds of shampoo and one lotion. They are natural products and contain extracts from Hellenic herbs, that nourish the hair follicle and elongate the anagen phase of hair life cycle. They effectively control skin acidity (pH), greasy hair or dry scalp. (up to here Ashley)
The DHI ETP® starts with gentle washing and massaging of the scalp with DHI Exogen Products shampoo.
The application of DHI Micro Needle Roller is done after washing. It is a revolutionary instrument which helps absorb the active ingredients of Exogen Hair Loss Lotion; removes dead cells from the skin surface, massages skin, increases blood circulation and creates little channels on skin surface.

Exogen Hair Loss Lotion is applied after the usage of the roller. It nourishes hair follicles and improves the texture and appearance of telogen hair.

Laser Hair Comb LLLT (Low Level Laser Treatment) is applied after the lotion application. Laser therapy is a medically approved and scientifically accepted treatment for hair loss. It also enhances the blood circulation of the skin and stimulates ETP energy of hair follicle stem cells to form new hair.

The doctors and Medical Specialists of DHI Medical Group suggest the application of the DHI ETP® for at least 6-12 months.
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DHI MAX Laser Treatment Program

the only laser device approved by the FDA, for hair re-growth.

Our laser comb offers the ease and practicality of treatment that can be carried out in the comfort of your own home. An application and follow up program, designed by your clinic specialists, ensures correct use and careful monitoring of results.

The DHI Max program is often used along with other treatments such as the Direct Hair Implantation Technique, as it has been proved to substantially improve the health of hair, both before and after the procedure.

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Exogen Hair Care™

DHI Clinics offer the Exogen line of clinically formulated products for healthy hair. Using natural ingredients from the Mediterranean such as laurel, olive oil, sunflower seed, and capilistine, these shampoos, lotions, and topical vitamin treatments can supplement the Direct Hair Implantation Technique or Laser treatment, or be used on their own at every stage of hair loss. Simple, natural, and fair trade produced, our products are never tested on animals. Ask your Total Care consultant about which Exogen Hair Care products would be best for you.